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If you touch one life, you have done the work of a lifetime.


Power Speaks Louder seeks to provide comfort and relief for the homeless population of Riverside County, CA. After speaking to many unsheltered and displaced community members and hearing their voiced concerns, we've compiled a list of the most requested items to help alleviate suffering this season.

1. Hand warmers:

Many times, shelters available to the homeless fill up quickly―leaving many outdoors and cold for the night. Hand warmers provide a quick and inexpensive way to stay warm during nights when staying indoors isn't an option.

2. Tents:

When shelter placement isn't available, many homeless community members sleep outside the shelter on the pavement, under freeway passes, in parks, etc. In an attempt to keep warm and safe. Tents donated will be used to provide relief from outside weather conditions and used as a barrier to protect from possible outside threats. Since many of the homeless tend to be nomadic, having a tent-on-the-go is essential and fundamental to everyday life.

3. Backpacks:

Contrary to popular public opinion, many of the homeless prefer carrying a backpack versus pushing a shopping cart. Backpacks provide an easily accessible way to store personal belongings such as blankets, gloves, socks, non-perishable foods, water, personal hygiene products and toiletries. Backpacks can be decorated with uniqueness/individuality and have the durability to sustain many seasons to come.


In addition to the three most requested items above, PSL also seeks to provide sleeping bags, socks, shoes, clothing, and anything else we see fit and necessary to take care of the people of our community.

PSL Outreach gives much needed resources to help alleviate human suffering by providing resources for shelters, drug programs, and Job Corps. We provide hygiene products, underwear, sweat suits, backpacks and Nike footwear. Every item is packaged with a message to encourage and inspire the those in need to reach their highest potential.


On behalf of PSL we thank you in advance for your consideration and partnership!