“If we touch one life, we’ve done the work of a lifetime.”

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What is Summer Camp Sukuma?

Camp Sukuma is a week-long behavioral change program involving youth from various backgrounds to rediscover the true meaning of life and purpose for their lives.

Camp sessions provide talks, discussions and lectures from different speakers to edify youth with knowledge and wisdom. At the end of the week, campers develop a theatrical production of songs, melodies, poetry, dance and narrations from start to finish with the help of experience facilitators.

How was PSL involved?

During the PSL Global Outreach, youth received knowledge through auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles with educational material that contained a PSL Activity Booklet for studying and a Think Write Speak journal for note-taking, planning, and creative writing. A short film titled “Closer To My Dreams” revealed the foundation of B. Hunter's journey along with the “Share Your Gifts” Apple commercial that presented an animated visual of how important it is to share your gifts with the world.

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Puzzle Design: Power Speaks Louder | Puzzle Printing: Office Depot | Puzzle Development: Vocademy


Color My World is an interactive illustration that reminds us all that we are a piece to the world's puzzle. To encourage collaboration, teams of 4 youth colored 21 puzzle pieces before assembling an 8-foot custom puzzle. This tactile exercise represents the importance of our unique contribution to the world.

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Online Invasion is an ongoing dialogue with a key focus on exploring the pros and cons of Social Media. Oftentimes we need a reminder of how to best use such a powerful tool that can become our worst enemy or one of our greatest supporters. B. Hunter encourages individuals to utilize their social media platforms in a way that makes a positive impact in the world.

Adversity Chest

Adversity Chest


The adversity chest allows you to release what is standing in your way of moving forward. In order to walk in the fullness of our purpose we must lock our adversities in the chest to never return to them again.

Watch the Adversity Chest in the making which was built during our Global Outreach at Summer Camp Sukuma!

Adversity Chest Notecard

Adversity Chest Notecard


The Walk of Purpose program delivers a profound message of life with meaning. During this presentation, youth are taken on a journey that illustrates what it means to maximize their passion and the intentional connection that each of our lives has with the world around us.

The kinesthetic participation of one releasing their challenges in the Adversity Chest to then receive a pair of Walk of Purpose socks is a practical exchange that ultimately empowers individuals to boldly walk in their unique path with love, joy, peace, and confidence.

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Power Speaks Louder has partnered with Simphiwe Dlamini to provide women and young girls in eSwatini with reusable handmade menstrual pads to prevent infections caused by the lack of proper feminine hygiene support. Simphiwe is a PSL Global Outreach volunteer and a local designer who is committed to expanding the message of love and purpose throughout communities in eSwatini. Holly Torrez, a designer, and instructor based in Riverside California designed the reusable menstrual pad patterns to contribute to this phenomenal project.


“I've been thinking about the project since you left my country, yes it is a good one. Would you please allow me to name it after one of your subtopics we had "Walk of Purpose". Can this project be a child to Power Speaks Louder because you the founder of PSL and you the one who changed my mindset towards helping the disadvantaged ones. Your teachings truly made an impact in my life. The reason am asking to name it after “Walk of Purpose” is that....the day we did this topic I heard and understood what was it all about. Being a child to PSL is that if it was not you who drove me to start such a project it wouldn't be there. So now am about to go out from one community to another giving knowledge to the kids and some few packages of which I wish one day you could join us.” - Simphiwe Dlamini

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LLOT Surveys capture the data from every Power Speaks Louder project. We are committed to measuring the impact of your programs by collecting anonymous responses from each individual.


Passion Vusetela Music & Ministry songwriting session was facilitated by Ndumiso Dlamini along with minister of music Sanele Basta. The Vusetela (Revive) theme song came into fruition in a single session by each group being challenged to write their own song to later put each song together as one. PSL Think Write Speak journals and Love Letters of Truth gift packages were used throughout the making of this beautiful song allowing youth to maximized their songwriting gifts with the proper tools.


Check out the Passion Vusetela dance team rehersal for a behind the scenes of youth preparing to showcase their talents for the community, family and friends.

PSL Global Outreach is an ongoing global project to educate and empower people around the world. Join us as we become the hands and feet of change throughout 2019 and beyond!

Power Speaks Louder is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.