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PSL Film is a digital media platform with a purpose to illustrate narratives that strengthen and encourage the public.

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Swaziland still has the highest prevalence rate of HIV in the world. Daran Teresa Rehmeyer, Founders of Kudvumisa Foundation, are two incredible people that have committed their entire lives to a mission that provides access to HIV healthcare in impoverished areas of Swaziland. There is a great need for financial and voluntary support to allow even more people to receive lifesaving care. Join them to advance the growth and development of this generation of children to reach their maximum potential, without the bondage of poverty and HIV.

Proceeds help fund Kudvumisa Foundation outreach to provide access to HIV healthcare and the various economic development projects championed to combat endemic poverty in the isolated and marginalized areas they serve. 


A glimpse of Swaziland through the lens of PSL Film captures Shannon Nicole's journey as a Registered Nurse and philanthropist as she joins Joyce Meyer's Hand of Hope outreach to alleviate human suffering.  


Vivian Stancil worked for many years to better herself and those around her. Despite being blind, she became an Olympic Swimmer, and continues to swim to this day. Vivian is a champion, an advocate, and a community leader who believes that the recipe for success is  equal parts faith and dedication.