We ask first and serve second. We serve in a brave, distinct and profound way. We love by sharing our message packaged with items specifically tailored to each individual.

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Knowing what to say starts with knowing who we are speaking to. We deliver our message through auditory, visual and kinesthetic mediums.

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Our message is the core essence of our mission—they move us to move mountains and are used to build, strengthen and empower.



Born from a story of words misused to inflict pain, Power Speaks Louder is a people strategy using life's challenges to empower, turning adversity and failure into footstools through self-discovery experiences that change lives by The Power of Words.



We provide resources to build self-esteem and emphasize identity with educational activities for at-risk youth, care packages for the homeless and counseling referrals for the mentally ill. We share empowering messages through outreach, podcast, artistic installation experiences, inspirational film and collectible products providing proceeds for PSL programs. Our goal is to reverse the damage of destructive words both internally and externally.


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In addition to being the founder/CEO of Power Speaks Louder, visionary B. Hunter adds a host of other accolades to her name. As a designer/creator with over 10 years of experience, B has worked with the likes of Prince, Ryan Leslie, June Ambrose, Eugenia Kim, Victoria's Secret, Steve Madden, and Betsy Johnson. Her editorial work includes HypeBeast, WWD, Complex, SoCal, InStyle, and Joyce Meyer publications. 

When B isn't working on design and film, her philanthropic efforts can be felt locally and globally. Drawing inspiration from childhood bullying and depression, B. Hunter's non-profit organization Power Speaks Louder strives to empower, encourage and enrich the lives of all those who are hurting—primarily the homeless and at-risk youth. Her goal and vision is to edify individuals to reach their highest potential so that they too can become collaborative leaders in their community and worldwide.

B. Hunter writes and creates visual art in her spare time and currently resides in Southern California.

Partner with us to educate, empower and transform the lives of people around the world!


Power Speaks Louder is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.